About EP

ELECTRIC PUKEKO  - Fashion Hats & Sunglasses

Electric Pukeko (EP) is a fun and fresh hat and sunglass brand, bringing you the latest in headwear and eyewear trends since 2007. 

Owned and operated by Andrew (Macca) & Jessica from the sunny Hawkes Bay, NZ.

EP first made its mark on the world by supplying fashion-forward items such as trilby hats and sunglasses to music festival crowds throughout Europe.  Having taken the European market by storm, the EP team felt it was time to bring the Electric Pukeko home to roost.

“We thought it was high time Kiwis were no longer deprived of our wickedly vibrant and stylish accessories for both guys and girls".

As well as attending the latest winery and music festival events in the NZ Summer, EP supply a range of retailers with their hats and sunglasses, also offering promotional products to suit any size business or individual needs. 

If you would like EP at your latest music festival or winery event, would like to become a stockist of our awesome products or have any promotional requirements please email sales@electricpukeko.com

"Remember life is too short to blend in!"

About Us (Andrew & Jess)

EP was one of two business ideas thought up one sunny day in Portugal a few years back- the other was to mix up a batch of Sangria using bulk wine which a bunch of mates had just purchased. Two things were decided the next day while nursing Sangria headaches, firstly that ...they would never again buy wine in 5 litre plastic bottles, and secondly that Andrew & Jess would start working on getting this Pukeko off the ground and into full flight.

After doing extensive research at as many festivals as they could get to, and scoping out the latest fashions at the beach, Andrew & Jess decided on a simple product range that covered all the necessities for summer. This new EP range would also allow its followers to create their own unique look at a festival, beach, or just out and about.

After lots of research Macca the 'treasure hunter' with the help and support of his partner Jess - 'festival and fashion guru', Electric Pukeko grew from a Sangria driven revelation, into a fully fledged hat and sunglass movement.

Andrew & Jess are thrilled to have created a Summer lifestyle brand. Whilst being super busy during the NZ Summers - supplying products to shops, running the online store, organisation of promotional products and promoting EP with their eye catching pop up shop at various music festivals and winery events around the country.  Winter time generally consists of our China buying / production trip (which comes with it's own awesome adventures & memories made) followed by a well deserved European family holiday / research trip of European fashion. 

"We spend the downtime spending quality time as a family, travelling around in our motorhome.  We do market research of the European fashion scene to keep up with the latest trends and materials being used.  These epic adventures on the road, is our inspiration for each new seasons range.  We come back feeling refreshed, cups full and ready for another full on Summer Season"!

Thanks so much for your support,

Andrew, Jess and our little guy Leo. 

For more information on Electric Pukeko products, please browse through our website or contact us on sales@electricpukeko.com